When I'm not busy doing something refined like reading another fine
book from the
liberry, I am often to be found creating yet another
character to add to my ever growing gallery.  It's not that I'm a true
schizophrenic, it's just that client demand has FORCED me to keep
coming up with new personalities to tailgate on the latest trend in
popular culture.  You can imagine just what a busy little beaver Alfie,
my British, 1960s character was during the Austin Powers craze.

I don't mean to imply that ALL of these persons were market driven.  
Many "appeared" spontaneously of their own accord -- during a
bracing round of improvisation perhaps.  But no matter how Dick
O'Day, Monty Mattachine and all the rest got here, they are now with
us and would I be less than generous if I didn't offer to share them
with the world?
Not wishing to appear rude, I should like to suggest that you request the presence of one of these
gentlemen at your next little event.  In fact, why not add a little "character" to your next party and perhaps
really shake up the joint!!!  If you've read this far, then you know I love the challenge of creating new
characters...so keep those requests for "new, exciting personalities" a'comin!
A word on "character" from the control personality
otherwise known as Richard Knight, Jr.
In addition to my two most popular
Dick O'Day and Monty,
leader of
Samba Bamba, standing at
the top of the character pile at right,
the gallery at present includes
Spunky, the rich playboy heir to a
Fabby, the 70s disco king,
Scooter the impish Boy Scout-like
spell casting teenage wizard,
the surly mechanic,
Rudge, the faux
British new wave rocker who never
quite left the 80s,
Morrie, the cranky
tourist who stayed out in the sun a
little too long and of course, the
Alfie who bears a certain
resemblance -- intentional I assure
you -- to a certain Man of Mystery.

All have charmed, amused, etc., etc.,
at an assortment of public and
private events, corporate and
otherwise and stand at the ready.

GIVE ME A HOLLER AT 773-276-7383
ALL of these characters
were photographed by the
J.B. Spector of
Chicago.  He's a GREAT
photographer -- obviously