Dick O'Day
“Dick O’Day might get beaten up on a regular basis if he
weren't so funny"
Chicago Reader
The two-time Midwest Emmy award winning DICK O’DAY was created in
1986 by Richard Knight, Jr. to host a parody of talk shows for the
Limelight nightclub.  Mr. O’Day’s immediate popularity led Knight to
feature the character in numerous entertainment formats in the ensuing
years.  That’s in addition to dozens of corporate assignments in which
O'Day has acted as emcee, performer/ pianist, game show host, satirist,
and writer – for starters.
In 1992, after years of performing solo, O’Day teamed up with BECCA KAUFMAN to become The Show Biz
Kids From Hell, a comedy cabaret act that has reaped tons of press coverage and kudos from Chicago

In 1996, Mr. O’Day joined the cast of WTTW’s long running television program
WILD CHICAGO as a roving
correspondent for the show that has won 19 Emmys.  O’Day himself was nominated three times and won
twice – in 1999 and again in 2002 for a composite of his solo segments – including one where he quit
smoking cold turkey after a visit with a hypnotist.

1995 saw
Dick O’Day’s Big, Lovely Bingo, an interactive game show, open at the cutting edge ANNOYANCE
THEATER.   The show continued to run until Annoyance closed the space in 2000 and then played a follow-up
four-month run at the Improv Olympic.  In 1998 he starred in the critically acclaimed (and Chicago Reader
Critic's Choice) variety show
Skatt, also at the Annoyance.  This was followed up with another Chicago
Reader Critic’s Choice show in 1999-2000, the dinner-theatre parody

From 1999 to 2002, O’Day was part of the line-up of the WCKG-radio wedding talk show I Do! I Do! as
resident film critic, bringing his extensive knowledge of movies to the show.   In the summer of 2002 he
hosted "
Landmark After Dark," a Midnight Movie series for Landmark Theatres.

DICK O'DAY'S BIG, LOVELY LIBERRY opened summer 2004 as an Annoyance Theatre satellite production
at the legendary Green Mill for a smash three month run and is expected to return once Mr. O'Day gives the

In 2005 and 2006, Mr. O'Day continued hosting a series of tongue in cheek game shows at  the River North
location of Chicago's "ultimate comfort food destination, Kitsch-n.  

Big, Lovely Bingo show made a triumphant return to the Annoyance Theatre's new performance space
in 2007 and that same year a mini version of the show became a staple opening act for the Chicago
theatrical hit
Sunday School Cinema.  

In December of 2007 Mr. O'Day began hosting the instantly popular
Camp Midnight, a midnight movie series
devoted to the "best of the worst" of camp movies presented by Mr. O'Day, the
Music Box Theatre and the
Hell in a Handbag theatrical troupe.
At left, Dick O'Day with the rest of the Wild Chicago

Below, celebrating backstage during the taping of the
12th anniversary special with divine red-haired
co-hosts Denise LaGrassa (at left) and Mindy Bell.