Join the book club that's for people who
HATE to read!

The show is over but the book club lives on!
Dick O'Day Book Club is for folks who only like to
read books stuffed to the gills with wordy trans
fat aka trashy celebrity books!

Send us your email address for our current
reading list, the date of our next "discussion"
group (aka gossip session) and to be the first to
know the exact date of the next "Liberry" book
club meeting
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Expanding a segment from his smash Big, Lovely
Bingo show which debuted at the Annoyance in
1995, Dick O’Day's newest hit was a fast-paced,
hilarious guided tour between the covers of
overwrought celebrity autobiographies, tell-alls,
bizarre fiction, wretched poetry and some
decidedly un-inspiring and not-very-helpful self-
help books.

Book worms of all sorts joined head "liberian"
Dick O'Day as he dove head first between the
covers of the best of the worst in bad books. A
summer reading program for people who hate to

This all-new show included a cast of
Theatre veterans, and each week Dick welcomed
articulate, intelligent, (YOUR ADJECTIVE HERE),
hystericalllllly funny special guests.
Dick Says
A Book Every
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Radio "848 Show" segment on the
Liberry Show ("A Book Club for
People Who Hate to Read") Scroll to  
the 7-13-04 Show
Liberry Photo Page!
We had a Fabu-lush time with our
Summer "Reading" Program,
please patronize our Fabu-lush Guest "liberians":

Steve Hickson and David Cerda - (Bette and Joan from Hell In A Handbag’s "How Whatever Happened to
Baby Jane Happened")

Tim Kazurinsky - ("Saturday Night Live")
Tim's credits/bio at IMDB:

David Kodeski ("True Life Tales")

Melissa Hellstern
Simply loverly author of "How To Be Lovely: The Audrey
Hepburn Way of Life"  Order your copy THIS SECOND!

Bill Zehme
Celeb profiler/biographer/TV host extraordinaire
Here's some info on "Hef's Little Black Book," co-authored by Bill with Mr. Playboy himself, Hugh
Hefner!  Buy it RIGHT NOW

Edward Thomas-Herrera
Playwright/Solo performer
He was the 2004 Fillet of Solo Festival headliner!
HERE for details on what you missed!

Mindy Bell
Dick's "Wild Chicago" colleague, author and
actor extraordinaire was the last special guest of our
summer reading program and the crowd LOVED her!
Check out just a FEW of her credits

Merrie Greenfield
Actor!  Director!  WE LOVE HER!   
Merrie works at lot with WNEP Theater.
HERE for their website!