What they’re saying about  SAMBA BAMBA!

“The world’s first high energy, wacky, Latin rhythm-based,
television sitcom soundtrack, dance band”
The Chicago Reader

“This band oozes sex and love from every pore.  They rock
my world!  I love them!”
Ted Allen, Queer Eye for The Straight Guy

“Whatever it is . . . it’s contagious!”
Kathy O’Malley, Chicago Tribune

“Their spice is nice, so, now . . . I’m a Bamba, wouldn’t ya
like to be a Bamba too!”
Dave Hoekstra, Chicago Sun-Times

"Wild and Wacky!"
'Scene in Chicago', Chicago Social Magazine
Lindo McCartney, Lupe Lowenstein, Monty "Sugar Loaf"
Mattachine, Samba Bamba's front line
Run for the maracas, get out the cocktail shaker and prepare to be “samba-sized.” Samba Bamba! is the
wacky, “Sergio Mendes meets the B-52’s” 8-piece Latin-flavored, martini swilling, retro crazy band. Samba
Bamba! was formed in 1994 by Richard Knight, Jr. as an homage to the music of Sergio Mendes & Brazil ‘66.

Knight, a comedic performer, known to audiences for his work with the Annoyance Theater and TV’s “Wild
Chicago” as his Dick O’Day persona, envisioned a character-driven band supported by top musicians.

Monty “Sugarloaf” Mattachine (portrayed by Knight), Lupe Lowenstein (portrayed by
Jen Zias) and Lindo
McCartney (portrayed by Victor Salvo) front the five supporting musicians, Scott Stevenson (keyboards), Steve
Dollinger (guitar), Randy Henry (bass), Alejo Poveda (percussion), and Gerald Dowd (drums).

Onstage, Monty,
Lupe and Lindo lead the band in their colorful, unique interpretations of whatever happens to
strike their fancy – or whatever their audiences are clamoring for.

Lust for Samba,” their critically acclaimed CD, was released in 1997.  Click HERE to read a review of a recent
club appearance and see photos of the band in action.

Booking information
Samba Bamba Magical Memories (More to Come!)
Lupe and Monty
onstage at Ave in 1997
-- part of a Chicago
Social magazine spread
on the band.
Lindo and Monty at
Vinyl in 1995. Monty
in one of his typical
fabulous outfits.

The original Rhumba
invite - our last
weekly gig which we
dubbed "Super-Salsa-
Rhumba!"  It was all
that and more!
Samba Bamba! on
Jenny Jones
Samba Bamba! at
Taste of Chicago
CLICK the thumbnails below to watch Samba Bamba!
perform two separate numbers:
Samba Bamba Lite
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Samba Bamba
Lite perform.
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"Samba Bamba Lite" features Monty,
Lupe and Lindo performing to
prerecorded tracks - the perfect
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fewer technical logistics.
The perfect musical appetizer or
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