“Dick O'Day might get beat up if he weren't so
damn funny!!”
Chicago Reader

“David Cerda is the Charles Ludlam of the

Chicago Tribune
Onstage with Patty Duke
before our sold out
Valley of the Dolls
At the Music Box organ
during the annual
Mommie Dearest

Beginning in December of 2008 the Camp Midnight series presented the best of the worst in camp movies on a seasonal basis. Camp Midnight presentations were hosted by the camp-tacular emcee Dick O'Day and featured David Cerda, playwright and Artistic Director of the theatrical parody group Hell in a Handbag Productions along with Handbag star Ed Jones.

Camp Midnight presented annual screenings of The Poseidon Adventure (on New Year's Eve) and Mommie Dearest on Mother's Day in addition to special, one of a kind screening events. Click on the photos below to go to individual pages for background on previous Camp Midnight screenings.

Dick O'Day and David Cerda as Jackie Susann in promo photos for the Valley of the Dolls
screening with star Patty Duke in attendance (photos by Rick Aguilar). Click on Dick to see more!