Tina bring me the ax!
The Music Box re-teams with Dick O'Day and Hell in a
Handbag Productions to present the return of their
seasonal series focusing on the best (and worst) in
camp movies – Camp Midnight.  This time the trio
invites you to spend
Mother’s Day with Mommie
.  Mommie Dearest, the Mt. Everest of
Mother's Day movies will screen one time only, Sunday,
May 8th.  Camp Midnight fans who made
Xanadu, and The Poseidon Adventure, Valley of the
Dolls and other Camp Midnight presentations such big
hits are invited to “get up early” for this special
matinee presentation that will include a Joan-a-
Palooza day of activities kicking off with a 1:30pm pre-
show hosted by Dick O’Day.  Get out your eyebrow
pencil, shoulder pads and f*** me pumps to compete in
the Joan Crawford look-a-like contest!  

Thrill to prize giveaways!  Dress up as your favorite
Mommie Dearest character! Arrive early to reveive
your complimentary wire hanger (first 300 guests)!

Be amazed at the exclusive music video by The Joans,
the world’s first band dedicated to “giving Joan
Crawford a rock-n-roll voice.”  Capture the moment for
all eternity with a special photo taken with Joan and
Christina and help benefit Vital Bridges.  The 2pm
screening (complete with interactive audience guide)
immediately follows all this Mommie Dearest mayhem.

30th Anniversary Screening!
Exclusive digital print with improved
look and sound!!!
The Camp Midnight crew has also teamed up with Blue
Bayou (across the street from the Music Box), Chicago’s
Sunday brunch destination to offer an exclusive upgrade for
the event.  Guests can purchase VIM (Very Important Mother)
tickets that include brunch beginning at Noon at Blue Bayou
(3734 N. Southport) and preferred, reserved seating at the
theatre.  (CLICK ON LINK TO THE RIGHT).  The Music Box is
located at 3733 N. Southport.

Mommie Dearest Mother’s Day is being hosted by the
camptacular emcee Dick O'Day (Emmy award winning “Wild
Chicago” correspondent) who has driven by BOTH Faye
Dunaway and Joan Crawford’s homes in California.  David
Cerda, founder and lead singer with The Joans, is playwright
and Artistic Director of Hell in a Handbag Productions (the
company that the Chicago Reader says, “Represents the gold
standard in camp in Chicago”).  The Chicago Tribune has
dubbed Cerda the “Charles Ludlam of the Midwest.”
No Wire Hangers EVER!!!!!!!!!
Camp Midnight Movie Series
Continues with a Matinee!
Mother's Day with
Mommie Dearest
Mommie Dearest Mother’s Day Photos
Camp Midnight host Dick
O'Day poses with Joan
and Christina Crawford in
the lobby before show
time.  Christiana (Ed
Jones) chats with Dick
onstage. Joan (David
Cerda) warm up the
audience onstage at the
historic Music Box
and exhorts the audience
to put brandish their wire
hangers (at left).  

Photos by Rick Aguilar