Camp Midnight's
Poseidon Adventure
New Year's Eve 2008 Photos!!!
Belle Rosen aka Shelley Winters performs
"In The Water I'm A Very Skinny Lady"
Captain O'Day with Hell in a Handbag's
Creative Director and co-Camp Midnight
presenter David Cerda
Captain Dick with his
personal first mate Jim and
darling Derek who presided
over the champagne bar
which thirsty guests slurped
down like dying fish!
George finds the perfect place to set down his drink!
That's Mike Miller's fabu-lush poster art pictured above!
A portion of the audience during the pre-show - ready to set sail!
Who better to win the costume contest
than the guest who came dressed in
bloodied tuxedo complete with bits of
the fallen Christmas tree?!
Lovely Noni sang "The Morning
After" as Captain Dick
accompanied on the Music Box
Theatre's renowned pipe organ to
the delight of the audience - natch!
Captain Dick with two more costume
contest winners - a mother/daughter
duo dressed in 70s cruisewear!!!  
More party revelers preparing to set sail for Camp Midnight's most successful outing yet!
The Camp Midnight initial 2008 presentation of The Poseidon
(we're talkin' the 1972 camp classic now) hosted by
Mr. O'Day and featuring hilarious performances from the Hell in a
Handbag theatrical troupe on December 31 at the Music Box
Theatre was so fatabulous it has become an annual New Year's
Eve tradition. Join us for NYE 2011!!! DETAILS COMING THIS FALL!
All these photos are by our favorite photographer RICK AGUILAR
(thanks Rick!)  Want to see LOTS MORE?  Click