Get Out Your Skates
and Leg Warmers!!!
A place, where nobody dared to go! Until NOW! The Music Box
teams up with Dick O'Day and
Hell in a Handbag Productions to
present a seasonal series focusing on the best (and worst) in
camp movies – Camp Midnight.  A Chicago first –
is the first film on the bill.  For one night only,
Saturday, December 1st, the classic musical roller disco film
will be experienced the only way a classic musical roller disco
film should be presented - in a theater filled with leg-warmers,
drag queens and screaming
Xanadu fans of all shapes and
sizes belting out the film’s well known songs (“Magic,” “I’m
Alive,” "Suddenly," “Xanadu,” etc.).  
Sing-Along Xanadu
promises a tacky, hilarious extravaganza filled with roller
skating, neon, spandex, and lots and lots of glitter – all with the
lyrics emblazoned on the screen so shrill muses can sing loud
enough for Zeus himself to hear.
The glitzy, over the top Xanadu, one of the worst, most beloved movies
of all time (“mushy and limp” Roger Ebert declared in his 1980 review)
stars Olivia Newton-John as a heavenly muse sent to earth to inspire a
dissatisfied commercial artist (
The Warriors Michael Beck) to follow
his dream of opening a huge disco roller rink (in partnership with a
clarinet playing Gene Kelly) – all while never removing her leg
warmers.  Like the meandering plot,
Xanadu’s songs combine any
number of musical genres – disco, rock, new wave, and big band –
many of them by Electric Light Orchestra.  The result is a spectacular,
delightful mess along the lines of another spectacular mess,
The Wiz.
Xanadu-ettes will also get to play games, interact with real life Muses that
somehow got left on the cutting room floor, and vie for heavenly swag courtesy
Xanadu on Broadway – including a pair of free tickets to an upcoming
performance.  Tickets are $12 per person and may be ordered in advance at
.  The fun begins at Midnight with hi-jinks throughout the

Sing-a-long Xanadu is being hosted by the camptacular emcee Dick O'Day
(Emmy award winning “Wild Chicago” correspondent) who is the rumored 3rd
cousin, once removed, of Zeus, with entertainment coordinated by playwright
and Artistic Director of Hell in a Handbag Productions, David Cerda who the
Chicago Tribune has dubbed the “Charles Ludlam of the Midwest.”  Rolling
along side Cerda will be several comedic actors from Hell in a Handbag
Productions, the company that the Chicago Reader says, “Represents the gold
standard in camp in Chicago.”
Are We A Muse?
Camp Midnight Movie Series
Debuts with
Sing-Along Xanadu