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Dick O'Day's Big, Lovely Bingo, the
long running audience
participation theatrical game show
is now available in a fast paced
touring edition suitable for
audiences of all sizes and ages!
Click on the photo of Mr. O'Day
above for detailed background on
the show and links to video demos.
 Holiday and special occasion
versions also available!

That's right!!! Dick O'Day is joining the social
networking age (but no Twitter anytime soon).
Click on the FB icon above to go to Mr.
O'Day's fan page and learn all about upcoming
appearances and other really, really important
stuff that will keep you glued to your
computer and distracted from any one on one
social interaction!!!

Dick O'Day
Now has a
Fan Page on
Watch Dick and Becca
in their first movie -
the holiday themed
Scrooge & Marley! It's
available on demand -
Click on the logo to
the left to see it right
Dick O'Day on YouTube!
Enjoy these clips which attest to the legendary talents of Mr. O'Day!
At the Music Box
organ with my
tribute to Joan
Crawford during
Camp Midnight's
Mommie Dearest
screening (Special
thanks to Aaron for
this fabu-lush clip!)
"Dick Flicks" -
for WCIU's
forthcoming "You
& Me This
Morning" TV Show
"Dick's Flicks" -
reviewing the

Mamma Mia!
DVD for WCIU's
forthcoming "You
& Me This
Morning" TV Show
Yet another "Wild
segment - this
one with Dick
Davenport, the
ultimate "Lounge
Lizard" (Thanks
to VideoSeven for
More Videos!!!
Big, Lovely Bingo Show Biz Kids from Hell Samba Bamba! Samba Bamba Lit
Here are links to videos for the Show Biz Kids from Hell ("the trailer park of cabaret"), Samba Bamba
(the 8-piece Latin flavored band) and
Samba Bamba Lite (the front line of Samba Bamba performing to
track).  Click on the thumbnails above to be taken directly to the videos or go to the individual bio pages
on this site -
Dick O'Day's Big, Lovely Bingo, Show Biz Kids from Hell, Samba Bamba, Samba Bamba
Lite - for complete information on each (photos, bios, etc.) and links to additional videos.  
The links are inserted in those pages as well.
And don't forget to check out the
where you can listen to song samples and order CDs from my
illustrious music career - THEY MAKE GREAT GIFTS!
rkj group
musical gallery
rkj's solo piano